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8 ways to show your wife that shes your top priority
Here are 8 great ways to let the lady in your life know that shes #1! - photo by Georgia Lee
A real man makes sure his wife knows she is his top priority. Here are 8 surefire ways to keep your wife in the top spot:

1. Undivided attention

Put that iWhatever down, shut off that video game, fold up the newspaper, and turn off the playoffs. If you want your woman to know shes the most important thing in your life, give her lots of one-on-one time with undivided attention.

When your focus is shifting between her and other distractions, it can make your girl feel like shes playing second fiddle to whatever else youre doing. Dont multitask when you should be spending quality time with her.

2. Active listening

Pay attention, take in information, process it and respond. Listening is more than staying quiet while you wait for your turn to speak. Really focus on what the woman in your life is trying to convey to you. Make the effort to understand what she says from her perspective so what is important to her feels important to you.

3. Little things

Little things go a long way. Small gestures of appreciation will mean a lot to your lady when given the thought they deserve. Make your partner eggs the way she loves them, get her a gift card to her favorite store, or even make a coupon book for hugs, kisses and other shows of affection.

Grand gestures have a place but the smallest considerations on a daily basis will keep the fires burning between the big celebrations.

4. Stay approachable

Make sure your lady love knows she can come to you with anything. Its not enough to openly ask her whats wrong when you see her brooding, she has to know in her heart she can come to you at any time, no matter what the case is and no matter what mood youre in. And when she does come to you, be approachable. Stop what youre doing and listen, calmly, contently and with concern. Always create a safe space for her in you.

5. Take a break

We all deserve a little rest and relaxation, so show your woman some appreciation by planning family vacation and solo vacations.

Traveling to fun destinations with the household is a great way to invigorate family bonds, but sending her to a weekend getaway on her own will let her know you care about her as an individual and want her at her best.

6. Continued courting

Never stop dating. Ask her out on fun, adventurous and romantic dates as if youd never gotten the prize. Let her know youll keep working for her even though shes already yours. A wanted woman is a happy woman.

7. Joint decisions

Always consult your wife before making big decisions that affect you both. This can be tough however if, for example, you are an entrepreneur and your wife is not a partner in the business. Decisions must be made frequently and sometimes on the fly, and they can have a huge effect on your home life. Although these business dealings or other decisions may not directly concern your life partner, if they affect her at least try to run things by her before committing.

8. Constant consideration

A woman who knows shes loved knows her husband is always thinking about what she needs and what is important to her. This could be large or small considerations, but consistency is the key.

Maybe she likes a particular fragrance of flavor, has a favorite style, or prefers handcrafted knickknacks to fancy jewels. Make sure whatever you do for her is tailored to what she really cares about. After all, its the thought that counts.

Keeping your wife #1 takes work but should never be a chore. Letting your woman know shes your main priority and doing so with enthusiasm and pride will keep you both happier and more fulfilled in life and love.
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