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9 tricks to stop dating jerks
Find out 9 tricks that can stop you from dating jerks once and for all. - photo by Tamsyn Valentine
You are an attractive woman. You have many things going for you; you are well-educated, dress nice, take care of yourself physically, and love to have fun.

Despite all these wonderful attributes, it seems that all the men you attract never treat you right; in fact, they all just seem to be jerks.

While it may be easy to blame all the men out there, the problem may actually begin with you.

Here are 9 tricks to help a wonderful woman such as yourself to stop dating jerks once and for all.

1. Stop making excuses

When it comes to jerks this is an important trick. We have all been there when we have made excuses for a man such as, He is just really busy. Its okay that he has not called me for three days even though we had plans. Or the tried and true, Im just being too needy. Its OKAY if he prefers going out with his friends over hanging out with me. In the end if you have to make excuses for him, whatever they may be, he probably isnt treating you right.

2. Be confident in yourself

Like it was mentioned before, you are an amazing woman. You deserve the best. So why settle for a jerk? Even if it means you have to be single for a while, have enough confidence in yourself and your self-worth to know that you do not deserve to be dating a jerk that doesnt seem to understand this.

3. Hang out with friends

Sometimes gaining a little perspective is a good thing, especially when that perspective may come from the people you care about. Go out with your closest friends, and if they seem to be noticing that your guy is a jerk, most likely he is a jerk.

4. Listen to good advice

Along with hanging out with your friends comes something very important when it comes to ceasing to date jerks- listening to good advice. When your friends or family members share with you advice about dating, and maybe point out the fact that the guy you are dating is in fact a jerk, listen. Sometimes we can be so caught up in a relationship that we cant see what is right in front of us; the fact we are dating a jerk.

5. Be aware of his friends

We become the people we surround ourselves with, right? So if it seems that all of his friends are jerks, there is a big chance that he is too. There are exceptions to this rule but they are very, VERY rare. Also the way he acts around his friends is a big sign; if he is a jerk when he is with them, but nice when he is alone with you, he is still a jerk.

6. The end is really the end

If it seems that your jerk is jerking you around in your relationship, chances are he is. If one day your relationship is perfect and the next you are on the verge of breaking up, this is not healthy. So when a jerk breaks up with you or just wants to take a break, take it as the end. This means the end is the end. Dont go back to him when it seems he wants you back.

7. Take a break

This can mean either from the relationship or dating in general. Sometimes after ending a relationship with a jerk it is important to take a step back and gain some perspective; perspective that will prevent you from dating another jerk.

8. Communicate

Misunderstandings happen in relationships all the time. The way this is solved is through direct communication. If the guy you are dating is aloof and does not seem to want to communicate through those misunderstandings, it's a good chance hes a jerk. So communicate to him that this is important to you and if he does not care to do so, move on.

9. Love yourself

Loving yourself is the key ingredient to not dating a jerk. If you love yourself, chances are you will attract someone who treats you like the queen you are. So love yourself enough to stop dating jerks.
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