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Have You Seen This? 4-year-old dancer kills it on 'Ellen'
Kids are the best and while I don't think you need more proof of that you're getting it anyway with this video. - photo by John Clyde

TV AIRWAVES I know I'm getting old because a new trend pops up and I have no idea what it is. In fact I didn't know the earlier trends that preceded that one. For example there is a new viral dance apparently called "Juju on that Beat." This is news to me. Apparently there was a thing called "The Dab" and "Whip and Nae Nae." I was just getting "The Macarena" under control so what this all means is I'm not cool.

This 4 year old on the "Ellen" show, however, isn't just cool, he's likely the coolest person on the planet.

The kid showed up on Ellen's show to dance his little heat out in front of millions of fans. The kid showed no fear and didn't just put on his dancing shoes, but he also stole our hearts with an adorable interview before he took the stage.

Check out the video and I'll go do some Internet searches so I can catch up with the times and try not be so 33 going on 73.
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