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Have You Seen This? 4-year-old drives a big truck
Let's be honest, most of us have dreamed of just crashing through whatever we see with a giant truck just because. This 4-year-old girl named Sophie lived out our dreams. - photo by John Clyde

Usually giving a 4-year-old complete control over a massive truck that seems to be indestructible is a a recipe for disaster. In this case, however, Volvo found that it's actually a recipe for the best thing you'll see today.

In an effort to show off its toughest truck ever, Volvo rigged its rig with some fancy engineering and made it a giant remote-controlled car. The Volvo team then built a track filled with cranes, water hazards and empty buildings to test drive its new RC toy. Then it did something amazing, it handed the controls to 4-year-old Sophie.

Sophie is an adorable little girl who apparently loves playing in the dirt and has a penchant for destruction.

As the father of a 5-year-old girl, I kept thinking to myself, "if this were my kid she would have become distracted and stopped paying attention." Sophie totally came through and did exactly that and the result is amazing.

I also love the fact that when she causes some serious damage she looks around to make sure she's not in trouble. And make no mistake, she totally meant to drive through that building. Sophie is awesome.
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