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Have You Seen This? Beagle sings the blues
Even beagles get sad sometimes and they just need to sing the blues. - photo by John Clyde

DOGHOUSE OF BLUES We all get down sometimes and we just need to get it off our chests. Maybe someone hurt us, maybe we just can't figure life out, but whatever it is, signing the blues can always help.

Buddy the dog is a beagle with a heart full of sorrow and a head full of dreams. Mainly dreams where he's people or chasing squirrels. But some days it's all just too much for Buddy, and that's when he steps up to his piano and sings the blues.

Buddy is a passionate artist who needs to express himself and does so beautifully. I can hear his pain, his loss, his passion. The blues aren't for everyone, but I feel Buddy's blues will resonate with your soul. His songwriting encapsulates what it means to be a dog and his tone perfectly illustrates the emotional journey he's trekking. My heart breaks for his sorrow but soars for his talent. My soul bleeds for his pain, but my ears rejoice in his bravado. Buddy is a tortured artist, but we're all blessed by his pain.

Thank you, Buddy, for channeling your hurt to make all of us happier. The blues are a necessity in the musical world, but Buddy's blues are a necessity for all the world.

Sing it, Buddy. Sing it loud for all the world to hear. Chase away those blues and those squirrels. You've earned it.
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