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Have You Seen This? Bulldog can't handle scary movie
This dog watching a scary movie can't even, and I don't blame him, I've seen this movie. - photo by John Clyde
SCARESVILLE As many of you know I'm a big movie fan. I watch them, write about them and talk about them to the point my wife has threatened to leave me.

I'm a fan of horror movies and that's because I can separate the reality from the fiction and leave the movie behind once it's over. I can not say I accomplished that, however, when I watched "The Conjuring."

That movie stuck with me. After watching it, I woke up around 2 a.m. to use the bathroom and ran back into bed because I was confident some malevolent spirit was behind my door waiting to destroy me. I share this because I totally sympathize with Khaleesi the bulldog as she watches "The Conjuring."

Khaleesi gets agitated as she watches a particularly creepy moment in the film and, luckily for us, her owner got it on camera. According to the video description on YouTube, Khaleesi is very protective, especially over children, and always tries to keep victims out of harm's way. This is apparently what she's doing in the video.

I have no doubt Khaleesi is a brave soul hoping to keep people safe, but I've seen this movie and get the feeling she's a bit creeped out too.
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