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Have You Seen This? Flying indoors
We all want the ability to fly, and this video shows it's actually kind of possible. - photo by John Clyde

THE TUNNEL There are some insane competitions out there, like the Redneck Games, toe wrestling, and competitive bed jumping. Look it up, it's real.

These competitions are just crazy, but there is another competition that is also crazy crazy awesome, that is. See what I did there?

The 2017 Windgames took place in Spain recently and the games feature acrobatics inside a windtunnel. You've probably seen videos like this before, but Maja Kuczynska's final run is mesmerizingly beautiful.

This two-minute video shows Kuczynska's freestyle final, and two things kept crossing my mind: this is incredible and her core strength is bonkers. It's one of those things where I watch it and think to myself, "This is truly stunning, and I know for a fact I cannot do this and would never be able to do this no matter how long I worked at it."

I'm not beating myself up here, just being a realist. First of all, if I tried to put on one of those skin tight suits I think I'd be banned from competition forever. And secondly, the body control and fluidity of this performance is in a realm I think few people can touch.

I could watch this video over and over again and be just as floored by the athleticism and control of Kuczynska's performance every single time.
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