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Have You Seen This? Goat and coyote from Idaho are BFFs
It's a goat and a coyote just having fun like good friends do. What other incentive do you need to watch this video? - photo by John Clyde

THE LIVING ROOM A best friend is something we all treasure. Someone you can be yourself with and have a great time together or weep together. Everyone needs a best friend, even goats and coyotes.

This video from Idaho shows us what it would be like if a domesticated coyote and a goat were BFFs just having a great time in someone's living room. I know most of us have been asking ourselves what this scenario would look like played out in real life, and we finally have the answer. It looks like this.

The coyote has a lot more energy and athleticism than the goat, but the goat has determination and excellent head-butting skills.

As I watch the video I can't help but have a theme song playing through my head of what would likely be the opening to a TV show called "The Adventures of Pete and Harold: The Bestest of Best Friends." The lyrics to the theme song would go something like this:

"Pete and Harold met when they were babes.

"Harold born in a stable and Pete in a tiny cave.

"The two meet soon after and became the best of friends.

"Now Pete and Harold fight crime while wearing fashionable threads."

OK, so the lyrics got away from me, as did the plot of the TV show, but I like the song and I'm looking forward to the pilot episode of the show.
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