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Have You Seen This? GoPro's best of 2015
People do some amazing things and GoPro makes sure they get it all on camera. Here's GoPro's best of 2015 compilation. - photo by John Clyde

HALL OF BESTS It's the end of the year, which usually marks best-of or even worst-of compilations. While we like to think we're better than falling for the same thing every year, we're not. Or at least I'm not; I love the best-of stuff.

The latest is GoPro's best of 2015. Some of the shots in the video are breathtaking, others are moving, some are terrifying, and then there's a bear.

I'm not sure if GoPro was trying to kill me, but it added a bear at the end of the video doing what bears do best: destroy stuff. Few things terrify me as much as bears. Actually, nothing terrifies me like bears. GoPro should have added some kind of bear warning at the first of this video because my heart stopped and I nearly needed to go to the hospital. I decided to stay indoors instead to avoid any possible bear encounter. I think I made the right choice.

Despite the disturbing addition of a bear, this video is pretty fantastic and almost worth your time. If it weren't for that awful bear.
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