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Have You Seen This? Makeup transformation 'Arrested Development' style
It's amazing what a talented make-up artist can do. And let's be honest, who doesn't want more Buster Bluth in their life? - photo by John Clyde

THE MODEL HOME Kiki G is a makeup artist and that's the correct word for it artist.

On her YouTube channel, Kiki G often likes to transform herself into popular characters and it's always very impressive, but this newest transformation is pretty phenomenal.

Kiki turns herself into the one and only Buster Bluth from "Arrested Development" and it's borderline creepy how spot on it is. When the video started, I thought it was pretty cool what she was doing, but by the time she was done I was on the floor as if I'd just had my 12th juice box.

Hopefully, Kiki doesn't have the same mommy issues and multiple run-ins with Lucille's, Lucille's, and loose seals, but what she does have is an exceptional talent, and one that I'm happy she decided to share.

Now check out the video, but remember, "No touching!"
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