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Have You Seen This? The $100 24 carat gold doughnut
There are doughnuts, then there are bacon doughnuts, and then there are doughnuts with gold leaf and cristal. - photo by John Clyde

THE 1 PERCENT There are some luxuries that only the obscenely wealthy enjoy on a regular basis. These indulgences include napping on a yacht because why not? Taking a short weekend vacation to Ibiza, because why not? Having a jaguar as a house cat, because why not? And eating a $100 doughnut dusted with 24-karat gold, filled with Cristal and topped with real gold leaf, because why not?

While we can't all eat this doughnut every morning while sitting on our yacht in Ibiza petting our pet jaguar, you can buy one for just one Benjamin in where else but Brooklyn.

Bjorn Delacruz of the Manila Social Club in Brooklyn, was eating a doughnut while sipping Cristal, like most of us do insert eye roll here and he decided that it was a pretty good pairing. He decided to make a doughnut with these flavors and then threw in some actual gold just in case this fried pastry wasn't elitist enough.

So, if you just have to have what is likely the most extravagant and most unnecessary doughnut of all time just head on over to Brooklyn and drop a cool hundo for a doughnut. We won't judge too much.
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