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Have You Seen This? Time to join the bandwagon
With the NFL playoffs here, it's time to jump on a bandwagon. Panthers anyone? - photo by John Clyde

THE BANDWAGON The NFL playoffs are upon us, and odds are your favorite team is already out of the race. Maybe you've been a die-hard Broncos fan for ages or maybe you were born wearing a Patriots jersey. But let's be honest, pretty much none of you were a Panthers fan until recently.

Regardless, if your team is currently sitting at home watching everyone else play, then there's a solution for you, Sure the actual website is bogus, but this video sure isn't. Let Rob Riggle and Joel McHale find you a new team. No one will notice your wavering allegiances, probably.

Being a fan is hard, especially when you've been pulling for the Browns all these years, but don't fret because the bandwagon is warmed up and there's a seat for you next to other like-minded individuals who just want to win for a change.

In all seriousness this video was awesome. Picking a bandwagon team for each person was great, but that Stormtrooper to the Patriots was nothing short of brilliant, because all Patriots fans are evil.

Check out the video and get some ideas about which bandwagon team you're about to join up with.
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