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Have You Seen This? Toddler confused by dads twin
One little boy is caught in a moment where hes not sure who his real father is. - photo by Angie Treasure
SEEING DOUBLE When I was little, probably no older than 4 or 5-years-old, I remember being stuck in the waiting area of a restaurant and grabbing my mothers hand. I distinctly remember the feeling of being knee-level with all the adults in the room and needing my mommy to anchor me.

Only when I looked up to my moms face, I saw that it wasnt her. It was some stranger who looked eerily similar to my mother whose hand I anxiously grasped, and I instantly felt a flood of confusion and stress before scampering off to find my actual mom.

Those emotions came back to me as I watched a video of one darling boy who is caught in a moment where hes not sure who his real father is.

In a video posted to YouTube by Stephen Ratpojanakul, a little boy is passed between his dad and uncle a set of identical twins. The toddler is clearly confused and asks for Dada as soon as hes been passed off to the other. To be honest, little one, were not quite sure which one is which either. Its adorable to watch the tots existential crisis unfold.

Well just trust that he went home with the right dad.
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