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Have You Seen This? World's sneakiest dog
The ninja level on this dog is nothing short of extraordinary. They should make a heist movie starring him. - photo by John Clyde

SNEAKSVILLE Every young boy wants two things: to be a ninja and to own a dog. (Maybe little girls want this too. I can't say because I never was one, but I was a little boy, so I can attest to this.)

My friends and I always had ninja outfits we were ready to don at any time. None of us had a dog, except for one fortunate young man. We constantly stopped anyone with a dog and patted it, as we reassured the animal that he was, in fact, a good boy.

Today I know I do not have the stealth, agility or really any other ability that would make me a ninja. I also know I am too cheap and lazy to own a dog, so 10-year-old John is horribly disgusted with adult John.

Why do I bring up ninjas and dogs? Because we have now found a ninja dog, and he lives in Chile.

During an interview at what appears to be a street fair, this cunning canine sneaks in and steals an empanada. No one is the wiser, except the camera person who caught the theft at the last moment. In fact, when I sent the video to my editor she had to watch it twice just to catch the caper.

This dog is a hero, and the stealthiest thing on four legs.
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