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Husbands must ALWAYS prioritize their wives (especially above these 6 people)
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You chose to marry your wife because she's your favorite person. That means you need to treat her like she's your favorite person every day for the rest of your life.

When you got married, you vowed to "forsake all else." Not only is this vow important to honor because you promised to, but it's the key to building a strong relationship. So if you want your relationship to last forever, you need to put your wife before these six people:

1. Your children

Of course there will be those nights where you find a little one squirming in between you and your wife, but, in general, if time with your child means less time with your wife, your marriage is in jeopardy. It's important to take your responsibilities as a father seriously but allowing them come at the expense of your responsibilities as a husband isn't worth it.

If you're in a situation where you must choose to support your wife or support your child, choose your wife.

2. Imaginary women

Using pornography as a substitute for real intimate relations with your wife has the power to damage your relationship with your wife in more ways than one. It can warp your satisfaction with your wife's appearance, rewire your brain to only be turned on by pornography and cause you to devalue other important pieces of your relationship with your wife. Don't let images on a screen warp your relationship with your wife.

3. Another woman

This should go without saying, but enough people forget it so it's worth mentioning. No other woman should come before your wife. This means you don't tell your childhood best girl friend things that you don't share with your wife. It means you don't choose to have dinner with one of your lady co-workers but leave your wife at home. Be careful because even innocent relationships with other women can escalate before you realize it.

4. Your mom

No family member should hold a higher rank than your wife. As a husband, it's your responsibility to be on your wife's team no matter who may oppose her (even your mom). This can take effort; You may have to work out a compromise or some sort of understanding in order to get on the same team, but that's something you need to do in order to make your wife the priority.

5. Friends

You shouldn't abandon your other friendships when you get married. However, no relationship (no matter how old) should be more valued than your relationship with your wife.

6. Virtual friends

It's so easy to get sucked into your phone. Even when you're in the same room as your wife, you're scrolling through social media feeds of pictures posted of friends far away or people you've never even met. Shouldn't it be obvious that time with your wife is more valuable than time with these people you don't even have a relationship with? Be aware enough to recognize when screen-time is monopolizing your attention.

By shifting your focus from these six people to be back on your wife, you'll both be able to enjoy a happy (and healthy) marriage.
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