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Looking for a raise? These states might be your best bet
Wage stagnation is the next big emphasis in the American economy, and some states are doing better than others. - photo by JJ Feinauer
As the nation continues to navigate through the post-recession economy, attention has quickly turned from unemployment rates (which have largely returned to pre-2008 levels) to wage stagnation.

As the Pew Research Center reported last year, when inflation is taken into account, wages have been flat for nearly half a century. For this reason, both Democrats and Republicans have made wage growth one of the most prominent issues of the 2016 presidential campaign.

But as is the case with all economic issues, not all states are on the same ground. A recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in the past year, average hourly earnings had increased in 45 states.

Not all the news was good, though, as the report also found that in five states, average wage earnings actually decreased.

Here, we've compiled a list of all the states that saw at least a one percent increase in earnings over the past year.

Did your state make the cut?
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