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Lucky Charms adds its first new marshmallow in 10 years. Here's what it looks like
The new marshmallow is inspired and created by kids, according to a General Mills press release. - photo by Herb Scribner
Lucky Charms is about to bring in the unicorns.

The cereal brand, which has commercials and marketing centered around a leprechaun who just cant seem to find his stolen Lucky Charms, will now add a new marshmallow in the shape of a unicorn, according to a General Mills press release.

The new marshmallow will be white, blue and purple. The new marshmallow is inspired and created by kids, according to the press release.

"Our goal is to not only create a cereal that families and cereal fans will love and enjoy, but to inspire magical possibilities and help spark imagination and fun no matter what the age," said Josh DeWitt, marketing manager of Lucky Charms. "That's why, after 10 years, we decided to introduce a new charm with the help of the keepers of magic themselves kids. They spoke, and after hearing their love for the magical unicorn, we listened."

The unicorn will join the staple marshmallow shapes, which include hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, rainbows and red balloons, according to USA Today.

Sadly, the hourglass marshmallow will be phased out with the unicorn taking its place.

Youll have a chance to find the unicorns now in regular and chocolate versions of the cereal. They will receive a wide-release in March.

Social media praised the new marshmallow, according to Business Insider.

In August 2017, Starbucks released a Unicorn Frappuccino, according to Mashable. The cream-based drink appeared white, pink and blue. It was topped with glittery sugar.
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