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Mom, the job that deserves a high pay and has none
mom job infographic - photo by Stacie Simpson
I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be a mom. My friends came to elementary school Career Days dressed as doctors, nurses, astronauts, lawyers, vets, teachers and so forth. I showed up at school as my mom in a nightgown (though she never wore nightgowns) covered with chef hats. Each hat had a different profession that my mom did every day.

My mom cooked for us, cleaned up after us, played with us and organized our schedules. She cleaned our cuts, treasured our artwork and planned our parties. She taught us how to do our hair and make-up. She settled arguments between siblings, comforted us when we were upset and always took lots of pictures. My mom was a jack-of-all-trades, but she never got paid, never had a sick day and never had a peaceful vacation. She worked 24/7.

Your mom probably fulfilled many of these jobs as well, and so will you if you ever become a mom. Have you ever considered how much a mom would earn a year if she got paid for all her work?

According to a stay-at-home mom would earn around $143,102 a year, and a working mom would earn $90,223 a year. Take a look below to see what the hourly pay would be for the jobs moms fulfill and calculate your mom salary here.
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