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Pathfinder Role-playing Game: In 'Bestiary 5' book, the new monsters have arrived
Pathfinder RPG "Bestiary 5" is the fifth indispensable volume of monsters for use with the Pathfinder Role-playing Game and serves as a companion to the Pathfinder RPG "Core Rulebook" and Pathfinder RPG "Bestiary." - photo by Ryan Morgenegg
The monsters are back! And there are more than 300 of them. The Pathfinder Role-playing Game now has a fifth volume in the popular bestiary series, "Bestiary 5," filled with brand-new fiends and allies, and there is something for all levels of play.

Only a few pages into the book, the first monster strikes the eyes. The Aatheriexa is a floating wad of eyestalks, tentacles and gaping maw. Every monster entry in the book has full-color art so gamers can see exactly what the beast looks like.

Monster entries show all the pertinent game information, including flavor text, to help make games come alive. Symbols show what type of creature, terrain and climate the monster possesses. A list of characteristics detail hit points, experience points, armor class speed, feats, skills and attacks, to name just a few.

In addition to some new angel, demon and dragon entries, the book contains new races and psychic creatures with different agendas. There is the mind-blowing brain mole, the terrifying caller in darkness and the devastating devastator.

The book will inspire gamers as they look through the pages and imagine how they might incorporate some of the entries into their own games. Imagine the death coach pulling up outside of an inn with a request that the adventurers come and get inside. Or why not introduce the alien grays (just like from science-fiction movies) into adventures and campaigns? Their sleep paralysis powers help players forget when and how they were experimented on, because grays live to do research.

Other notable listings in the bestiary are the Grim Reaper, Mummy Lord, the Shadow Collector and the "Bestiary 5" poster boy, the Vilderavn. There are also robots, constructs, giants and undead.

A personal favorite in the "Bestiary 5" is the mystical but dreaded Hundun. This chaotic, large, evil aberration inhabits the negative material plane and boasts a 34 strength and close to half a million experience points. It looks like a cloaked figure with a staff standing 10 feet tall and weighing 700 pounds. It lives to destroy law and order. To a Hundun, there is no such thing as peace. There exists only chaos. Because spacetime is constantly shifting around Hunduns, there is always a 20 percent chance an attack will always miss. And Hunduns are immune to physical attacks. Crazy!

Not to be outnumbered by their unlawful neighbors, player-friendly creatures, familiars and animal companions are included in "Bestiary 5." The moon dog would make a wise and trusted travel friend, the Muse is a master of the arts and lives to make beautiful works of art and the Seilenos can be contacted for a good time out on the town. Players can even snuggle up with a red panda. This bestiary has a little bit of everything for everyone.

To fully utilize this bestiary, it's helpful to have the Pathfinder RPG "Mythic Adventures" and Pathfinder RPG "Occult Adventures" books. Some monsters have mythic ranks listed in their statistics that relate to these books in addition to the standard challenge ratings. Please note that the book contains high-fantasy artwork and content that may not be suitable for all ages.

For Pathfinder gamers who want a ton of variety in their games, "Bestiary 5" offers a bunch of new content. It is recommended for experienced players and after they collect the first couple of bestiaries, which contain core monsters for the game. There are a number of great new monsters that can make a game session exciting. Check out more details about this title at
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