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Regaining your husband: 8 things that keep a man in love
Have you noticed a lack of interest from your husband? It's time to win him back! Here's how. - photo by Fernanda Ferraz
If your husband doesn't take time to talk to you, only seems to care about the TV when hes at home, talks more with friends than with you, and avoids spending time with you, its time to win him back. Its easy, over time, for distance to grow between the two of you. Here are eight things you can do to tighten that distance.

1. Dont get too comfy

Try not to get sloppy at home. Take care of yourself, so you can personally feel beautiful every day. Do what it takes to feel refreshed, whether its coloring or just doing your hair, or buying a few new clothes and pairs of underwear.

When you and your husband both get home, youll feel beautiful and can be excited to see him.

2. Smile and be enthusiastic

Remember your early relationship when you couldnt stop smiling? Try recreating that, and remember the joy you had in talking with your husband. Make sure lots of flirting is involved.

3. Love yourself

Take care of yourself and appreciate your beauty. Just the fact that you are a woman makes you beautiful! Dont get discouraged by worrying that you dont have the "ideal" body. Dress properly and eat healthy, but do not put yourself down. Give yourself enough relaxation that you can learn to appreciate yourself for who you are.

4. Find the right moments for affection

Play with your husbands hair, tickle his skin and look in his eyes. These are little things that can subtly create desire. Change up your routine, do new things together and use these moments to get closer, talk about your feelings and reflect back to your early days of dating.

5. Leave work at work

Let the stress of work stay at work. When you get home, avoid talking about work deadlines. This creates a more relaxed atmosphere for both of you, and makes home a more comfortable place to be.

6. Participate together

If your spouse likes football or some other kind of game, watch or play it with him; even if only for moral support.

7. Create a beautiful home

Its nicer being in a place you both consider beautiful. Decorate your house in a style you both like, with scents that make it feel homey for you both. Keeping the place you live together clean and welcoming makes it more inviting for him to come home at night.

8. Be attentive

Everyone likes to be noticed. Do the simple things he likes, like making a favorite dinner or dessert. These are small things, but they do help keep a relationship tender.

Apply these tips to revive the love in your marriage. The secret is consistently doing these things on a daily basis.
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