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See this 3-month-old baby say I love you to his dad
Tom Moskalenko told his 3-month-old baby that he loved him. Little did the father know he'd get a response from his young son. - photo by Herb Scribner
Get ready to say aww.

Earlier this month, Tom Moskalenko did something most dads do he told his 3-month-old son that he loved him, according to Distractify, a viral news website.

Little did Tom know that baby Ben would repeat the phrase right back to him. This caught Moskalenko off guard because most children dont start saying simple phrases (such as mama and dada) until theyre four or five months old, according to Baby Center. Full phrases dont come until a child is 12 to 18 months old, Baby Center reported.

It looks like Ben is ahead of the curve.

3 months old and already taking up other interests than pooping, eating and sleeping, YouTube commenter RedSaint83 joked. Impressive. Will look good on his CV.

Watch this video to see the sweet interaction between father and son.
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