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The Clean Cut: 9-year-old delivers 363 pizzas to Louisiana flood victims
YouTube screen shot - photo by Kelsey Schwab
Pizza is a popular food for 9-year-olds to eat on their birthdays. However, one boy spent his birthday giving boxes of pizza away to those in need.

Carson Boutte helped deliver 363 pizzas to Louisiana flood victims as his birthday present. His aunt, whose house had flooded, motivated the generous act.

He saw me on FaceTime with my sister, as her house was flooding, and he was crying, his mother explained in an article written by The Advertiser. I told him, Its OK its just stuff. But he was really upset.

Boutte took those emotions he felt and put them to good use by feeding the victims so they didnt have to focus on finding and preparing a meal.

Were going to give them lunch so that they dont have to stop what theyre doing, so we are going to deliver pizzas to neighborhoods that have flooded, Boutte said in a video uploaded by ABC News.

Carson's parents told him they would buy $100 worth of pizza but then his mother posted Carson's birthday wish on Facebook and many people came forward desiring to pitch in. Domino's agreed to a special rate and John Richards, Domino's Regional Vice President, even matched the first 100 pizzas ordered, according to The Advertiser.

Watch the video on YouTube here.
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