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The Clean Cut: Original lullaby reminds tells listeners youll be just fine
Kenzie Nimmo and her husband Harris Heller perform "Emma's Lullaby." - photo by Lindsey Williams
In an original lullaby, a husband and wife remind their niece that the storms of life we face are hard at night, but when the daylight breaks, youll be just fine.

A YouTube video posted Thursday features an original song by artist Kenzie Nimmo.

I wrote this song for my niece Emma, but I also wrote it for you, Nimmo wrote in the video description. I think everyone needs a lullaby sometimes, to remind them they'll be just fine.

Nimmo shared a photo of her niece Emma on Instagram.

Nimmo performs the song in the YouTube video with her husband, Harris Heller.

In 2014, Nimmo and Heller participated in a video with Utah artists Stuart Edge, Alex Boye and John Allred. In the video, the group asks a man in need to do a street performance with them. After the performance, the group gives all of the tips to him.

"He was down out of his luck, and he shared a story with us that he had been praying that he could have an opportunity to get a kick start in his life," Edge said. "And we had prayed that we would find a right person, so that all kind of worked out."

Watch Emmas Lullaby on YouTube here.
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