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These 7 ideas are the cutest ways to show people your growing baby
7 photos that prove social media is the way to show the world how big your adorable baby has gotten. - photo by Jenna Koford
Many new mommies are getting more and more creative these days as their baby grows. Some people think moms use their babies as props to get a good Instagram photo, but I think theyre just loving, creative moms who want to document their baby...It just so happens that cute babies in cute situations are extremely popular photos to post.

1. Monthly Stickers

Ive seen moms stick those 1 month labels on their baby, and they're great! These stickers are the simplest way to show the world how old your baby is. For extra creativity (and cuteness) points, put that sticker on a neighboring pumpkin.

2. Laundry Baskets, galore

If you have a baby and a laundry basket, then you have a really cute way to show the world how big your baby is getting. Lay your baby in the basket each month, and take a picture each time! Maybe get them to help with laundry while you're at it (just kidding, they're just babies).

3. "Baby Suiting"

One Instagram trend called baby suiting is both creative and hilarious. This may be a more male-specific technique, it involves an adult-sized suit and your baby. Dress your baby up in a large suit and snap away! Most parents stop there, but some keep going until the suit fits him perfectly as a teenager.

4. Baby and Bulldog

One mom from California is taking adorable pictures of her son and her bulldog hanging out together.

Caitlin Baker had Rupert the bulldog before she and her husband welcomed a new baby boy into their family! They named him Finn, and Caitlin created the hashtag #finnstagrowth, a play-on words of Finn, Instagram, and growth. She tracks her baby's journey with Rupert there for every step.

Now, Rupert and Finn are getting along quite nicely, and theyre growing together along the way. They even have their own hashtag: #finnandru.

5. Classic Measurements

Many of us have stood against the wall on our tiptoes, trying to push that pencil mark a little higher each time. Using a measuring stick or scale, you can accurately document your baby's growth. Your baby probably won't be standing against a wall anytime soon, but you can keep tracking your child's height and weight for as long as you'd like! (Warning: Maybe once you're dealing with a teenager, they won't want that anymore).

6. Chair Time

Place your baby on a comfy chair or couchsome item that will stay with you a while. This consistent background will look nice on your social media pages. My cousin always uses the same white chair for her daughter, and I look forward to seeing those pictures each time they pop up online.

7. Tracking Yourself

I've seen some parents join their baby in the photo to see any changes they may experience too. Your baby will grow, but you may change hairstyles or lose weight from your pregnancy. Being part of the picture will give you a great memory to have later on.

You may have seen other unique ways to document a growing baby, but the most important thing is to take pictures while they're young. You'll never get the chance again to see your two-month-old before you turn around and he's graduating high school. Plus, your child will love to see these photos when they're finally done growing.
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