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These major tech companies are donating money to new White House push
Outdoor signage board with Facebook logo. Modern office building. Editorial 3D - photo by Herb Scribner
A number of tech companies have pledged to support the White Houses new computer science push, contributing $300 million toward boosting computer science education, according to Recode.

Ivanka Trump announced in Detroit on Tuesday that major tech companies would fund a White House initiative that aims to help young American workers find jobs in the future.

Computer science and coding are priorities for the administration as we think about pathways to jobs and alignment of education to in-demand jobs in the modern economy, said Ivanka Trump, according to The Hill.

Tech giants Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Salesforce were among the leaders pledging to support the move. Lockheed Martin, Quicken Loans and the Internet Association were also on hand for the announcement.

The $300 million from tech companies will be matched by $200 million from the Department of Education for a grant program that will fund computer science curriculums around the country starting in the 2018 fiscal year, The Hill reported.

Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and SalesForce committed $50 million each. Meanwhile, Accenture, General Motors and Pluralsight, a Utah-based company, will give $10 million to the cause.

We are looking forward to seeing innovation across the states as they apply for grants. We do have a major diversity problem in the tech industry. We need to come together to solve for that, said Hadi Partovi, CEO of

Ivanka Trump has long supported the idea of embracing STEM fields, tweeting earlier this year that code is the language of the future.

Trump's push for STEM education comes as her father, President Donald Trump, called for students to follow their dreams for future employment, according to CNN.

"Always remember this: Do what you love. Study what you love, he said Monday. Your parents may want you to do something and you should always listen to your parents, but try to focus on the things that you love, whether it's in studies or when you get out of school; do what you love and you're going to be successful.
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