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These pregnancy apps might help expecting mothers before and after pregnancy
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Before the dawn of apps, women had babies successfully, making one father-to-be skeptical of their importance in pregnancy.

However, after Nick Bilton of The New York Times and his wife immersed themselves in the plethora of apps geared toward pregnant women, he changed his mind.

Some apps helped in little ways, like making communication with family easier, but others had a bigger impact. Bilton and his wife used a variety of apps during the birth of their child and other important first moments, Bilton wrote for NYT.

For example, when Bilton's wife "let out a harrowing cry" close to giving birth, finding the app for that seemed instinctive, according to NYT.

"I knew exactly what to do: I reached for my iPhone and pressed the bright green Start button on the screen and continued to drive as I waited for her to stop wailing," Bilton wrote. "The app I was using is called Full Term, which kept track of the length and intervals of her contractions. The app was, as my wife and I learned while rushing to the hospital for the birth of our first child, more useful than we could have ever imagined."

But Bilton and his wife aren't the only ones in awe of pregnancy apps, according to The Economic Times. For women with smartphones, these tools help simplify both the science and mathematical elements of expecting a child.

The Economic Times reported Saranya Venkatraman always struggled with math.

She felt most insecure about her number blunders right before and during pregnancy, when she struggled to calculate the best time to conceive, Venkatraman said.

But she told The Economic Times that apps provided the help she needed to give birth to her now 11-month-old son.

"It took me through my pregnancy and beyond," Venkatraman said.

According to Mobi Health News, these apps now engage users full circle: the popular Glow app features postpartum support for women.
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