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Two ways Star Wars fans can celebrate May 4
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"May the fourth be with you."

What started out as a pun has evolved into a full-fledged celebration that is acknowledged worldwide on May 4.

While Star Wars fans most likely have their own traditions to commemorate this day, here are a couple options to make the celebration even better.

Fans that were captivated with the endearing Chirrut Imwe and his protector, Baze Malbus, in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" are in for a treat.

Chirrut, whose unwavering belief in the Force led him to bravely navigate through explosions, blast-fires and stormtroopers in spite of his blindness, was a true character of inspiration. His brotherhood with the rougher, doubting Baze was, for many, the comical and emotional highlight of the film.

Star Wars fans can read more about these two characters in author Greg Ruckas new middle grade adventure, "Guardian of the Whills." Readers will follow Chirrut and Baze on adventures that precede the events in the film.

An excerpt from the book is available at

Star Wars fans can also join TBS in celebrating May 4. The channel is airing the first six Star Wars movies to commemorate the day. View the schedule at the Huffington Post.
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