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What Pinterest isnt teaching you about marriage
Because you cant actually pin a long-lasting and successful marriage. - photo by Tamsyn Valentine
Ah, Pinterest.

When I was planning my wedding, Pinterest became my new best friend. I immersed myself in a sea of beautiful flower arrangements, gorgeous wedding dresses, and adorable wedding party photos.

Not only did I pin things for the wedding, but I also pinned marriage advice, marriage quotes, what not to do in a marriage, etc., thinking that just through the touch of my iPhone I was preparing myself for the most important time of my life.

I couldnt wait for the day when I could add my own wonderful wedding details to the world of Pinterest for others to enjoy.

But in reality, pinning something on a digital board can give you a false sense of what marriage is about and how to prepare for it.

In our swipe right or left culture, we need to be careful about thinking that creating a good and lasting relationship with our spouse is as easy as scrolling through a newsfeed.

The Pinterest perfect wedding

Dont get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have a beautiful wedding with beautiful and pin-worthy centerpieces, location, and photos.

However, remember after this one day you and your husband will now be married, having promised to love each other for the rest of your lives. This means full commitment. So amongst the planning, remember to do other important preparations with your future spouse, such as talking about how you are going to handle bills, how you want to discipline your children, coming up with five year plans, etc.

You cant swipe left on your spouse

I am sure that you have realized by now that your days of Tinder are long gone, but what you may not realize is the mentality that swiping left or right have left with you.

When your husband is having a bad day, or you are annoyed with him, or he hasnt done the dishes when you asked him to, you cant just swipe it and move on. Marriage is work and it isnt always work that you might enjoy. But it is also the best and most rewarding work you will ever do- especially with a man you love. You gotta stick with it, through thick and thin.

The reality of #relationship goals

Instagram is filled with couples and their perfect filter and the perfect relationship. But, like most media, it is a well-photographed faade that makes us think that anyone who looks that good together must have a perfect relationship.

It is important to remember that you want your marriage to not only look good but actually be good. This is done through spending time together, talking about your dreams and aspirations, and making your husband your best friend.

Turn to couples who actually have long-lasting and good relationships and ask them questions about how they have been able to make it so long, what they have found successful or not, and any advice they have for those starting out. These people need to be your real #relationshipgoals.
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