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'Wheel of Fortune' contestant loses $7,000 after mispronouncing this one word
A "Wheel of Fortune" contestant lost thousands of dollars for mispronouncing a word. - photo by Herb Scribner
On Monday night, A Wheel of Fortune contestant lost thousands of dollars for mispronouncing a word.

The contestant lost his money while solving a puzzle. The board read Flamenco dance lessons, but the contestant, named Jonny, pronounced the word as flamingo, which cost him $7,100, according to CNN.

And yes, there is a difference: Flamenco is a Spanish dance style, while flamingo is a pink bird. Funny enough, the prize for solving the puzzle was a trip to Spain.

Watch the moment here.

But the flamenco mispronunciation wasn't Jonny's first mistake of the game. Earlier in the night, the contestant couldnt nail down the phrase dog and pony show me the money when it only had two letters left, according to the New York Post. He shouted out the letter C when the wheel landed on the $2,500 prize.

However, Jonny rebounded by solving the final puzzle of the night and taking home more than $19,000.

Other popular game shows have seen similar errors recently. According to Fox News, a Jeopardy! contestant earlier this year lost more than $3,000 after mispronouncing Coolios song Gangstas Paradise as Gangsters Paradise with a hard r.
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