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Where will Amazons new headquarters be? Web traffic clue points to this city
Another internet conspiracy led to speculation about the location of Amazons second headquarters. - photo by Herb Scribner
Another internet conspiracy led to speculation about the location of Amazons second headquarters.

Readers of local news outlet ARL Now, which covers the Arlington, Virginia, area, noticed that an article about Arlington County winning the top environmental award from the U.S. Green Building Council received more than 6,000 page views in the last week.

The staff dug into the storys analytics and found that most of the traffic came from, you guessed it,

The vast majority of the traffic to the page over the past week that can be tracked came from what appears to be an internal page devoted to its HQ2 search, according to

Amazon listed Arlington on its shortlist of cities that could soon host the companys second headquarters location. The article's increased traffic led to speculation that Amazon plans to bring its next headquarters to Arlington.

Amazon announced in September of last year that it hoped to add a second headquarters located outside Seattle. The company asked cities far and wide to submit proposals. Utah was one of those cities.

Amazon released a shortlist of 20 cities for HQ2. No Utah city made the list.

But Arlington may have an edge. Amazon said it hoped to place its HQ2 in a city that has a dedication to sustainability, which is something Arlington might have, according to Mashable.

So given Amazon's stated commitment to sustainable buildings, Arlington's environmental policies, and its development of buildings that get a U.S. Green Building Council stamp of approval, could give it an edge, according to Mashable.

Since that time, experts and internet theorists alike have tried to pinpoint where Amazon plans to add its second location. After the Super Bowl, the internet lit up with speculation that Amazon planned to add its HQ2 to Austin, Texas, since the companys Super Bowl commercial featured a woman asking Alexa, the artificial assistant for the Amazon Echo products, what the weather was in the Texas city, the Deseret News reported.

Meanwhile, experts labeled Atlanta as a front-runner for HQ2 earlier this year. Demographic expert Bert Sperling told Mashable that Atlanta is an affordable city that has a growing business sector, which is one of the requirements for Amazons newest headquarters.

But New York University business professor and tech expert Scott Galloway said that New York and Washington, D.C., remain the top contenders, according to the Washington Business Journal.

"The only criteria that really matters at the end of the day is where, again, a 53-year-old billionaire, the wealthiest man in the world, wants to spend more time," Galloway said.
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