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'Anything I can do to remind her of her mother is good'
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Amari Fisher looks on as her dad addresses a card to her mother, Spc. Shawanda Fisher who is deployed to Iraq. - photo by Lewis Levine / Coastal Courier
The cards all had a simple message for military mothers deployed overseas, "I love you mom."
About 140 children came out to Fort Stewart's youth services center May 3 so their mothers, who were either deployed or tending to the homefront, will get messages of love today.
The children whose mothers were deployed were outnumbered roughly 10 to one by children who had fathers deployed.
Sitting at a table set up in the gym inside the center, Gayri Patterson, 8, along with her brother Brandon Lockman, 13, wrote her mom a short note: "Dear mom, I love you. Happy Mothers Day. Gayri."
The card, one of Hallmark's latest, which have recorded music but can also record messages, played an upbeat James Brown tune.
Brandon also wrote his mom, Staff Sgt. Kathleen Khan, a short note, but opted for one of the cards that allowed him to make a recording. After pressing a button on the card, Brandon told his mom:
"Hi, mommy, it's Brandon. I Hope you have a happy Mothers Day, sorry if the card gets there late. I'll be happy to see you soon when you come home."
Making sure the recording was just the way he wanted it, he took placed the card into an envelope and dropped into a box on table to be mailed last week.
The teen said his mother deployed just before Mothers Day last year and is expected to be home in the next few weeks for a rest and relaxation break.
"Its been kind of hard, I just want to make sure she comes home fine." He said as concern crossed his face.
Gayri said this Mothers Day will be particularly hard for her.
"It's going to be really hard because I can't spend time with my mom on Mothers Day."
The children are staying with their grandmother, Barbara Khan, who came from Queens, N.Y., to take care of them in her daughter's government housing on post.
"It's been new and different for me." Khan said. "I can never replace their mom."
She said the children have their ups and downs.
Brandon is taking it harder." She said.
Amari Fisher, 4, who was with her dad, William Fisher recorded her message to her mom in a card given to her:
"I love you mom."
Shawanda Fisher, 26, is deployed with 4th Brigade as a cook.
"This is really nice," William Fisher said. "Anything I can do to remind her of her mother is good."
Many kids with moms at home also took advantage of the free cards, which were handed out by representatives of Hallmark, which is promoting the new cards. And some children took the opportunity to send the cards to their deployed dads who are deployed.
Erica Jones, Spokeswoman for Hallmark Cards said the company came to Fort Stewart to launch the recordable card. Jones said the cards record up to 10 second messages. "Hallmark decided to come to Fort Stewart to launch the card. We thought, 'what better way to brighten up a deployed mother than having her hear her child's voice.'"
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