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April 1 Liberty County Commission meeting agenda
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Regular Meeting, April 1, 6 p.m.
1-4. Routine items
5. Departmental Reports:
a. Finance Report - Kim McGlothlin
(1) Budget Amendment #5
b. LCPC - Sonny Timmerman
1) Monthly Report
c. County Engineer - Trent Long
(1) Monthly Report
d. Citizens Advisory - John Henderson
(1) Monthly Report
6. New Business:
a. Georgia Transmission - Jeannine Rispin
b. Regional transportation - Barbara Hurst
c. Live Oak Libraries/Big Read Program - Robin Shader
d. Georgia Work Ready Initiative
e. Resolution - Sunday Alcohol Sales
f. Intergovernmental Agreement/Ambulance Use
g. Agreement/Risk Management Services
h. Resolution/Property Disposal - 135 S. Main
i. Blue Ribbon Committee
j. Executive Session - Personnel/Land Acquisition
6. Adjourn
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