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Armed robbery leads to standoff with deputies in Wayne County
wayne standoff
Wayne County law enforcement responded to an armed robbery Thursday. The situation escalated into a standoff with police and deputies. - photo by Lewis Levine

On Thursday, Oct. 10 at 4:52 p.m., deputies of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of an armed robbery in progress at 81 Spring Grove Road, Peaches Service Station.  While deputies were en route, dispatch advised them a male entered the store with a pistol and the clerk locked the suspect inside by himself.

Upon arrival, deputies and officers from the Jesup Police Department set up a perimeter and began calling for the suspect on the public address system. The suspect did not respond. Deputies also continued to call and message the suspect via telephone in an attempt to make contact throughout the entire incident. They also gained a live video feed of inside the store however no movement was detected. 

After some time had passed members of the Wayne County S.R.T. team gathered on scene and made entry into the store where they continued to call out for the suspect. After receiving no response, they began clearing the store and located the subject in the public restroom.  He was deceased. Two medics from the S.R.T. team were quickly brought in to examine the suspect, who was dead. The scene was then turned over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

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