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Arthur Nixon is running for District 3 seat in Hinesville
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Arthur Nixon

Nixon has been a resident of Hinesville for 19 years. He is 59 years old. His career field is social work. Nixon has a Bachelor of Social Work Degree 2006, a Masters of Social Work Degree 2007, both from Savannah State University. His other certifications include a Masters Addiction Counselor, and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (while currently serving as a Readjustment Counselor at the Savannah VET Center; serving the nation’s Veterans). He served as the Chairperson for the National Association of Social Work Georgia Chapter; and has served on the School Governance Council at Waldo Pafford Elementary School. 

Nixon answered the following questions for the Courier:

What issues are most important to you and why?

Focusing on District 3 at city council meetings, promoting a transparent, more unified city council, promoting positive dialogue between city and local businesses, promoting veteran/youth involvement, promoting a safe and clean district/community all very crucial as the city of Hinesville is on the brink of moving forward.

Why run for office now?

I believe for the residents of the 3rd District and City of Hinesville that “It’s Time is to Move Forward.” This election is for this present age. I believe we must now shift to a mindset of unity (that is working together) for the common good of all that live, work, and play in the city of Hinesville. We cannot do so with individual agendas rather the agenda of those whom I will serve.  I believe that when that happens, then the power and strength of the great city of Hinesville will flourish. That is why the time is now for me to seek the office of City Council 3rd District.

What needs to be accomplished by city officials that is not being done?

Greater focus on working as unified council and better transparency which would help our city become better connected to each other and unleash its greatest potential as being a diverse, skillful and ultimately a great place to live.

What makes you the best candidate to serve city council?

I strongly believe I am the right fit for city council and here’s why: Graduate of Leadership Liberty Program, 2012, Graduate of Leadership Southeast Georgia 2014, Licensed Master Social Worker, Retired Army First Sergeant (23years), President Transportation Ministry First Calvary MBC, (16 years), Readjustment Counselor Savannah VET Center, 3 years, Hinesville Ethics Committee, 2 years, Counselor Army Substance Programs, Fort Stewart; Chatham County Drug Court , 2 years; Liberty County Drug Court 2 years. My experience has enabled me to build a solid foundation and ability to communicate and connect with people. My platform has been connecting with the residents all over the 3rd District; “It’s Time to Move Forward.” I believe my three-prong agenda to Educate, Advocate and Lead will allow Hinesville and the 3rd District to move exactly where it should be.

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