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Baker ready to take seat
Larry Baker

A week after being elected as the City of Walthourville’s new Mayor, Larry Baker has already taken action, prior to even taking oath.

Promising more improvements and a more cohesive partnership with his constituents, Baker has already created a new community Facebook Page: Larry Baker Mayor of Walthourville and a new slogan, “Walthourville is not my city. Walthourville is our city.”

“I was exuberant and humbled that the great citizens of Walthourville elected me,” Baker said. “I love this city. This is our city and I want citizen engagement and involvement.”

Baker had served as a councilman for Post 3 since 2000. Baker upset incumbent Mayor Daisy Pray who has served as the city’s Mayor since 2008.

Baker’s former council seat is now going to newly elected Renee Anderson Hemingway. Post 1 was won by a new member as well with James Hendry upsetting incumbent Patricia Green. Post 2 also went to incumbent Charlie L. Anderson. Post 4 and Post 5 went to incumbents Luciria Lovette and Vincent Pray.

During a meet and greet two months ago, when Baker announced his candidacy for Mayor, he said he envisioned Walthourville being restored to the citizens and removed from turmoil it has seen in the past few years.

The native of Walthourville said he is looking forward to implementing programs for seniors and youth in the community. He said he promised to look into water issues and improve the city’s police and fire departments.

“The council and I will work hard together to ensure we have a flourishing and vibrant city,” Baker said.

Baker said during his campaign he listened to residents and plans to pursue their request in bringing a community center to Walthourville.

“We will begin that process,” he said adding the project will take some time.

“However, this is what the citizens have requested and we will work to deliver it,” Baker said.

Baker said he is thankful to the citizens who have entrusted him to take on his new role as Mayor.

“I am blissful about the future of this great city,” he said. “We are one and we all win working together.”

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