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Barred Owl Saved by Deputies
Barred owl

The motto, Protect and Serve doesn’t apply to just humans as an injured Barred Owl found out Friday night when the nocturnal bird was found by a Good Samaritan laying in the street in Liberty County.

According to Liberty County Deputy, Lt. Jason Colvin, the bird was found injured Friday night shortly before midnight. A woman traveling on Dunlevie road in Allenhurst spotted the injured bird lying on the road near the intersection of Dunlevie and Church Street.  

The Good Samaritan called 911 and a deputy was dispatched to see what aid he could give to the helpless bird.

 Colvin said the deputy wrapped the bird inside of a blanket and later transferred the bird into the vehicle of canine officer, Kevin Schmidt who placed the bird inside of a canine cage in the rear of his patrol car.

 Colvin said they made numerous calls to Veterinarians in Savannah and Hinesville to get the bird aid without any luck.  For a while it looked as if the bird wasn’t going to get the medical attention he needed, that is until Bessie Jackson of Bessie’s Birds in Midway was notified.  

Jackson arrived at the Performing Arts Center to see what she could do. Carefully wrapping the bird up in a tarp, she removed the bird from the canine cage and transferred him into a large cage.  

The bird gave little resistance and seemed to enjoy it as Jackson rubbed its face gently while talking to him.  Jackson said they will nurse the owl and release him back into the wild once they evaluate his injuries.



VIDEO: Owl saved by LCSO Deputies

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