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BI student wants kindness to become habit
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Corey Davis wants to spread kindness through Liberty County schools. Last week, during a board of education workshop, Davis presented an initiative he launched at Bradwell where he is a student.

In September 2016, Davis created the PLURK (peace, love, unity, respect, kindness) Movement.

“PLURK is a fundamental positive intervention system that was designed to structure and improve the atmosphere of the entire Liberty County School System and the community,” Davis said. “It will increase relationships between students, staff members, parents and administrators.”

He said he wants people to create a positive environment around them every day. It may start with something as simple as greeting people and asking them about their day. 

“If someone is sitting alone at the lunch table, sit with him or her,” he said. “Make that person feel loved. Ask someone if they need anything. Get your friends and peers to start spreading positivity.”

Davis said we should all work toward finding peace with your enemies and making amends as needed. He said we need to love everyone despite the circumstances and differences. He would like for everyone to stand united against all forms of misconduct.

“Put down those fists and open those hands and join them with other people,” he said. “Don’t fight, unite.”

He said people kindness can make a difference.

“Kind actions or words can really save someone’s life in a time of need,” he said. “Defeat your enemies with kindness and make them your friends.”

Davis said he would like to see his initiative expanded “in the hopes that we can all become one cohesive positive environment that everyone can be happy to attend.”

LCSS Superintendent Dr. Franklin Perry said he would like to see Davis help the district roll out the program and see other students embrace the initiative.

“It’s about unity and getting the students involved as well,” Perry said. 

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