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Obscene Communication: Man uses baby oil to entice employees. Police responded to a public indecency call at a local store. While on scene, police made contact with the complainant. She stated a customer who she had not seen in a while came into the store and in a flirtatious manner asked her if she would charge his phone for him. She initially told him no and instructed him to use the plug outside. She also stated she had heard from other co-workers about his alleged “creepiness.” She explained he had previously been in the store and would rub up against her without permission. She also stated he would wear an open coat with no shirt underneath and would use baby oil from the shelf to oil his chest and flirt with customers and other employees. She stated the customer later asked again to charge his phone and she said yes. While she was putting his phone on the charger, she alleges a screen saver of the man’s genitals appeared on the phone. After the man returned from the bathroom she handed him his phone and told him he was no longer allowed in the store. The man smiled and laughed in response and left the store. 

Suspicious Acts: Student threatens student with gun. Police were dispatched to a local high school where they made contact with two students and a teacher. The teacher told police that one of the students had threatened the other student that he was going to shoot him with a gun. Police then made contact with the assistant principal and they took the students back in the high school to retrieve their personal property. The locker assigned to the student who made the threat was checked for a weapon with negative results. The student explained that the two sit across from each other in class and at some point while in class, he made the comment to the other student saying, “Shut up *****.” The other student responded by saying, “No *****.” The student responded by saying, “Be quiet before I get the gun out of my book bag.” The student that was threatened then told the teacher what was said, and the teacher took both students out of the classroom where one student said it wasn’t a big deal and they didn’t need to go to the front office. During the investigation the student that made the threat advised he did not have access to any weapons, and the information was confirmed with his guardian. 

Theft by Deception: Women deceived on Instagram. Police made contact with a woman who advised a man had taken $1,900 from her. She explained she had met a girl online through Instagram and that the girl told her she knew of a way to make money. The woman arranged for them to meet at the local Kroger that day. When the woman arrived at Kroger, she expected to meet a girl but instead met a man who came in the girl’s place. The pair went inside Kroger to the money center and when they did, the woman noticed the man had multiple $500 cash cards on him. The man then transferred $2,900 into the woman’s bank account. The pair then went to the Kroger ATM at that point and the woman gave her debit card to the man and he withdrew between $3,000 and $4,000. The pair then went to the Navy Federal Credit Union where the man got out of the woman’s vehicle and drove off. She gave him some time to return, but they blocked her on Instagram and any other point of contact they had. The woman was locked out of her account.

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