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BOE approves Superintendent contract
dr franklin perry
Dr. Franklin Perry

Last week during a Board of Education Called Meeting the Liberty County Board of Education approved the Superintendent Contract for Dr. Franklin Perry.

The contract is effective July 1 and, unless renewed, runs through June 30, 2023.

Under the new contract Perry’s salary will be $195,292.50 per year. He is also eligible to receive the same salary percentage increase approved by the District Board of Education for all certified employees.

The Liberty County School System will pay for Perry’s insurance coverage and provide vacation and sick leave at the same rate given to administrators of the District who are on a 240 day contract and as designated by current District policies.

The School system will also continue to provide Perry with a car and travel expenses for official out of town meetings or duties.

Under the contract, the LCSS agrees to budget and pay for three professional dues and subscriptions deemed necessary for the performance of his job as Superintendent.

Perry must maintain all certificates, endorsements, qualifications and all necessary training and requirements required by law to hold his position.

The Board will evaluate Perry annually and the District will pay the $100,000 surety bond as required by law.

The contract requires 90-days’ notice of resignation. The contract may be renewed, extended, or renegotiated at any time by mutual agreements of the parties involved.

The contract may be terminated by mutual agreement or the disability of the Superintendent or discharge for cause or discharge without cause or due to death.

If the Superintendent is terminated without cause the Board agrees to pay the outgoing Superintendent one year’s salary, or the remainder of the contract, whichever is less.

LCSS_Superintendent Contract 2020
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