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BOE approves superintendent evaluation application
Riceboro Youth Program
The Riceboro Youth Program attended a recent school board meeting. They are dedicated to learning important employment skills like time management, proper appearance and self-motivation. (photo provided by Cathy Lane)

The Liberty County Board of Education approved the Superintendent Evaluation Instrument in a regular meeting July 9.  The Liberty County School Superintendent is evaluated every school year with the use of this evaluation format. The evaluation form is put together with the help of the Superintendent, board members, and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government. The institute is an organization devoted to promoting “excellence in government through education, assistance, research and policy analysis to help public officials serve citizens in Georgia and around the world,” according to its website, The organization is based in Athens, and is affiliated with the University of Georgia.

The Superintendent Evaluation is broken up into five main goals:

  • Goal 1: “The Superintendent will increase student learning, achievement, and college and career readiness.”
  • Goal 2: “The Superintendent will provide safe and supportive learning environments.”
  • Goal 3: “The Superintendent will recruit and retain highly qualified and effective staff.”
  • Goal 4: “The Superintendent will increase stakeholders’ involvement.”
  • Goal 5: “The Superintendent will improvise effectiveness and efficiency of district operations and administrative services.”

Each goal is further broken down into sub-topics which will be rated on a 4-1 scale, 4 meaning Superintendent Franklin Perry exceeded in that area and 1 meaning he did not meet expectations. The evaluations will be conducted by board members in coming weeks.

Out-of-state travel has been approved for Seven Mindsets University in Orlando, Fla., Military Child Coalition National Seminar in Washington, DC, and National Aspiring Principal’s Academy in Arlington, Va. Five principals new to the profession are scheduled to go. Other principals will be able to go at a later date.

A bid for $24,298.34 for kitchen equipment from Norvell Fixtures was approved by the Board as well. This was over Manning Brother’s who placed a bid of $24,745.05, Strategic Equipment & Supply who did not place a bid, and Central Restaurant Products who did not respond to requests to place a bid.

One of two District SIS Coordinators retired in June 2019, and the Board is planning to find a replacement some time later this year. The position will be for a systems analyst. Chief Academic Officer Dr. Patti Crane will be drafting the job description for the Board’s approval during the next meeting.

The Board is planning to implement new electronic flyers called Peachjar Electronic Flyers. These flyers can be accessed using screen readers and can be sent out in multiple languages. The Peachjar flyers will be sent out to parents via their emails. Parents must provide up to date emails at the beginning of the school year. Parents who don’t have access to the internet can request physical flyers or pick them up at the front office of their child’s school.  

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