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BoE job shuffle could cut spending
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The public learned a new accountant could tally into the school board's continued search for a superintendent after a proposal made at Tuesday night's board meeting.
The math of adding another accountant, plus revamping responsibilities of three positions, would equal to a $50,000 savings, according to Jason Rogers, the board's chief financial officer.
"We're trying to get back to operating a little more business-like," Rogers said. "Operating around the flow of business, rather than around the flow of individuals."
The accountant job description outlined duties of the presently vacant payroll secretary, which Rogers suggested eliminating, if the board approved a new accountant.
Since the accountant position was explained with the three other job descriptions, interim superintendent Harley Grove made sure to clearly sum up the shift for the public.
"The only new position is the accountant. The others are just redistribution of duties from previous positions with recommendation that we eliminate the payroll secretary," he said.
Rogers calculated no overlap in having two accountants.
The responsibilities would separate into one handling the more day-to-day tasks, such as revenue, and the other devoting energy to overseeing the budget.
"I think you (board members) want a little more information about how funds are distributed in schools," Rogers said.
In support of another accountant Rogers cited the board's mutual interest in avoiding budget underspending and having to give money back to the state at the end of the fiscal year.
The board also discussed amending the advance sick leave policies.
"The problem we're running into is when employees advance their leave and then decide not to come back," Rogers said.
He reported the instance occurring twice this school year.
Rogers asked if the board wanted to continue the policy or establish "parameters and safeguards" to keep from ultimately losing money.
Most board members agreed with Rogers' suggestion to allow sick days to accrue monthly, based on the number of working days.
Grove said any changes would go into effect next fiscal year, starting in July.

Other issues discussed:
* renewal of cellular service
* surplus buses
* Construction at Donnell Woods stadium
* BI construction progress
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