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Authenticity: The key to successfully reaching millenial customers
What are business owners to do when ads are anything but effective at attracting new millennial customers? The answer is not bigger and better commercials or colorful ads. All a business has to do is be authentic. - photo by Matthew Jelalian
As millennials begin to overtake the baby boomers and Gen X in size it will become increasingly important for businesses to target them as customers.

Gen Y is apparently suspicious of tradition: according to a new report, millennials are over conventional advertising, home ownership and the promise of social security, Fortune magazine reported.

Adweek reported that Maker Studios' chief content officer Erin McPherson said that authenticity is essential for companies to hook millenials.

This generation doesn't dislike brands, said McPherson. "What they don't like is advertising.

So how do brands create authenticity? By getting customers to trust them.

Forty-three percent of millennials rank authenticity over content when consuming news, wrote Forbes. They first have to trust a company or news site before they even bother reading the content that they produce.

One of the ways in which a company can create a sense of trust with their customers is by connecting their products to a cause or charity, according to Forbes.

They are sick and tired of corporate greed and are still recovering in the aftermath of the financial crisis, the business monthly reported.

An example of what can win a millennial's business is found in a company called Tuani Shoes, which is both a shoe company and an opportunity for Nicaraguan shoemakers to sell their services in markets that they couldnt previously reach, according to a report on

And reported that Briggs & Riley, a luggage company, is collecting used luggage bags to donate to foster homes and battered womens shelters. Buzzfeed created a list of similar companies that donate socks, comfort food, boots and toothbrushes to those in need for every purchase a consumer makes.

Consumers seek meaning and a brand they can trust, reported Bloomberg. They (consumers) are busy at work on Web 2.0 platforms creating ways to cut through the noise in search of products and services that resonate with integrity and transparency; in a word, authenticity. That quest for authenticity is a call to action for any company intending to be relevant in the 21st century.

According to Forbes, part of what makes a company is a SoLoMo advertising campaign strategy where companies focus on social media, local ads and mobile phone access.

Companies that market to consumers in a way that is authentic and locally relevant to the moment have a distinct advantage over companies that merely broadcast the same message over these new channels, said MomentFeed CEO Robert Blatt.
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