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Business looks for ways to fill deployment gap
The empty row of seats signals the lack of customer base at RG’s, partly because of the absence of the military. - photo by Photo by John Deike
Due in part to the military deployment, RG’s Burgers and Real Fries is suffering a blowback in sales, a problem that is indicative of many local businesses.
RG’s has lost 20 percent of its business to the lack of troops, and the management is delving into more creative ways to attract Hinesville’s civilian customer base, general manager Bobby Wells said.
Following complaints of high prices, Wells lowered the cost of food, added combo meals and now offers a 50 percent discount to police officers and a 10 percent discount to holders of a military identification card, he said.
Wells is also promoting RG’s by sponsoring local organizations, particularly high school sports teams and the Bradwell Institute marching band, he said.
“I don’t build my business around the military,” Wells said. “I’m trying to reach our civilian network. They’re the ones that live here and make up Hinesville.”
Wells also has outfitted his car with RG’s decals, and he volunteers at the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce in order to help promote his business, he said.
“Our business is set apart from the other fast food restaurants in town because of our customer service, and our regular customers are recognized and greeted by my staff,” Wells said. “...We will receive a boost when the soldiers return, but I want the other people of Hinesville to give us a shot.”
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