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Coffee shop carving niche downtown
The crew from Over Coffee, with a little help from friends, spent the Labor Day weekend doing hard labor on the coffee shop’s floor. The newly painted floor, complete with coffee beans, adds a comforting, yet eclectic touch to the cafe. Pictured (l-r) Ken Drebelbis, Amber Goelz, Drew Cole, Rachel Parrish, owner Jenny Cole (in back with hammer to son Drew’s head), Jill Demmin and Jennifer Kimmel. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon
There is a quaint place in Hinesville where friends can meet for lunch, smoothies or a hot cup of java.
Over Coffee, a cafe and eatery at 110 S. Commerce Street, offers a variety of flavored coffee as well as frozen smoothies, soups, salads and sandwiches.
Husband and wife owners Everett and Jenny Cole purchased the company in December and added a diverse list of food and drink mixes to their menu.
The business also provides a new local venue for talent and community gatherings. Customers may enjoy occasional live music offered by performers Juan and Janice Roldan and Dave Mallard, or performances by Spit One poetry produced by the Cider House.
The cafe also offers catering for events and is often used by organizations as a meeting place. Its comfortable ambiance is accented with eclectic touches of art.
During the Labor Day weekend, the crew of Over Coffee, along with the help of some loyal customers and friends, spent about 60 hours ripping out old carpet and preparing the floor for a new artistic touch. Workers Drew Cole and Jill Demmin were the brains behind the idea.
“We were working and looking at the carpet and we were both commenting on how much we didn’t like it,” Demmin said. “We were joking at first about how we should just rip it out and paint something and Drew started talking about giant coffee beans and I got this picture in my head. The next thing you know, we were ripping out the carpet and actually doing it.”
Demmin began to put the picture on paper that was later transferred to the floor.
“It was amazing to see the concept go from paper to completion and having it come out exactly as sketched and planned,” she said. “Gerry Roberts and Rachel Parrish actually helped me paint the coffee beans. Drew basically told me what he wanted and I sketched it out and we went from there.”
“When we first got the cafe, we did not put much work into it,” Jenny Cole said. “We were so busy trying to get things started, then we became busy working with the customers and making sure they were satisfied. Then, when we wanted to begin doing some work, we did not have the time and some of the funds we needed,” she said.
The group decided to do the work themselves, curbing costs. The results have been favorable.
“So far, we received positive feedback from our customers,” Cole said.
“I would love to go to art and design school, Demmin noted. “I’ve been seriously thinking about it, especially after doing this. It just all came together so well. It did make me think about it more seriously.”
It was the first time Demmin drafted and designed a concept that would be used in a business.
Her previous artistic endeavors included designing jewelry and helping decorate her mom’s house.
Drew Cole also took a turn with a paintbrush.
“The beans I painted are hidden so they can’t be seen all the time,” he said, noting his beans looked a little deformed. “All joking aside, we would not have been able to do this without the help we had and the support of our customers and we really are very appreciative of that.”
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