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Deeds Feb. 25-March 7
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The following warranty deeds were filed with Liberty County Clerk of Court Barry Wilkes' office from Feb. 25 through March 7. The listings include the names of the sellers and buyers, the book and page where the deed can be found in deed books maintained in the clerk's office, the transfer tax (which gives an estimate of the price paid, based on $1 per $1,000) and a description of the property, which may be the subdivision and/or Georgia Militia District where it is located. Refer to the accompanying map for the GMD numbers.

Anderson, Horace to Florence, Gwendolyn, Anderson, Horace Jr., Diane, Kenneth and Melvin;
Book: 1518, Page: 118, No tax;  
Description: 1 acre 15th GMD; also Book: 1518, Page: 120, No tax; Description: 4 acres 15th GMD

Bellamy, Jessie E. to Robison, Joseph V.;
Book: 1517, Page: 555, Tax:  $99.50; Description: Lot 103 Deerwood Sd Phase 2 1458th GMD

Blackstone, Carmen A. and Justin C. W. to Marsh, John J.; Book: 1518, Page: 568, Tax:  $114.90; Description: Lot 187 Eagles Landing Sd Phase 6B 1458th GMD

Braun, Richard E. Sr. and Merritt C. Nathaniel to Duong, Thy T.; Book: 1518, Page: 138, Tax: $53; Description: Tract 1 0.41 of acre Parcel 1 Tract 2 2.05 acres Parcel 2 1359th GMD

Brown, Alan, Keel, Ren and Yellow Bluff Development LLC to Bryant, Daniel M. and Maureen;
Book: 1517, Page:  726, Tax: $435; Description: Lot T5 Yellow Bluff Sd 1359th GMD; also Book: 1517, Page:  740, Tax: $395; Description: Lot T4 Yellow Bluff Sd 1359th GMD

Castro, Lina Puentes and Rosales, Ernesto F. to Holliday, Bradley K. and Mi;
Book: 1519, Page: 15, Tax: $128; Description: Lot 10 Sherwood Forest Sd Phase 1 1458th GMD

Chrisman, Jon F. to Archer, Christopher S. and Mandy L.; Book:  1518, Page: 592, Tax: $77.90; Description: Lot 82 Pointe South Sd 1458th GMD

Dasher, W. S. Jr. and Redmond, Carl W to Saturday, James M. and Karen;
Book: 1518, Page: 651, Tax: $200; Description: 0.78 of acre Lot 2B 4 1359th GMD

Dovenmuehle Mortgage Inc. to Sunshine Mortgage Corp.;
Book: 1518, Page:  126, No tax; Description: Lot 103 Eagles Landing Sd Phase 3 1458th GMD

Dryden Enterprises to Moseley, Steven D. and Linda B.; Book:  1517, Page: 454, Tax: $234.60; Description: Lot 8 Hickory Hill Sd Phase 1 1359th GMD

Dugger, Loretta Terry and Melvin to Elkins, Leonard R. Jr.;
Book: 1518, Page614, Tax:  $157.90; Description: Lot 13 Longpoint Sd 17th GMD

Eason, Christopher S. to Jones, Betty J.;
Book: 1518, Page: 511, Tax: $19 Description: Lot 50 Heron Sec Woodland Lakes Resort 1476th GMD

Fannie Mae and Morris Hardwick Schneider LLC to Jones, Virgil M.; Book: 1517, Page: 596, No tax; Description:  Tract A 1 acre 1476th GMD

Greene, Staci A. to Fryar, Joseph;
Book: 1518, Page: 658, Tax: $102 Description: Lot 55 Northwest Woods Phase 2 17th GMD

Hargrove, Levan Lewis to Spencer, Albert; Book: 1518, Page: 418, No tax; Description: 1/2 interest 1 acre 15th GMD

Homes of Integrity Construction Co. to Lampel, Gary E. and Joyce D.; Book: 1517, Page: 506, Tax: $164.90; Description: Lot 14 Shady Oaks Townhomes Sd 1359th GMD

HUD to Waldron, Chuck K.; Book: 1518, Page: 719, No tax; Description: Lot 1 Arrow Lake Sec Old Limerick Plantation Sd 1476th GMD

KC Brothers Construction LLC to Chapman, Barry S. and Eveline; Book: 1517, Page: 474, Tax: $304; Description: Lot 7 The Grove At Cinder Hill Phase 7 1476th GMD

Kennedy, Avery W. and Debra E. to McCloskey, Stephen J.; Book: 1518, Page: 245, Tax:  $115.50; Description: Lot 121 Waterfield Sd Phase 2B 1458th GMD

Lopez, Luis F. to Lopez, Traci Womack;
Book: 1517, Page: 674, No tax: Description: Lot 75 Caswell Woods Phase 2 Sec 2 1458th GMD

Loudin, Sabrina M. to Frey, Kevin M.; Book: 1517, Page: 576, Tax: $81.90;
Description: Parcel A 0.366 of acre and Parcel B 0.209 of acre total of 0.575 acres 1458th GMD

Mancuso, Louis R. and Marilyn M. to Murdock, Robin R.; Book: 1518, Page: 458, Tax:  $182.50; Description: Lot 11 Revised Belle Arbor Sd 1458th GMD

Martin, Edward Gill to Martin, J. Don; Book: 1517, Page: 494, Tax: $50;
Description: 4.91 acres 1359th GMD

Martucci, Nathan J. to Frasier, Nathaniel; Book: 1517, Page: 702, Tax:  $78.50; Description: Lot 2 Doby Estates 0.37 of acre 1458th GMD

Milton, Shakita to Wolfram, Daryl J.; Book: 1518, Page: 272, Tax: $110; Description: Lot 187 Hawthorne Sd Phase 5 1458th GMD

New Birth Ministries Christian Center to Carnes, John G.; Book:  1518, Page: 9, Tax: $339.70; Description: Lot 4A 1.30 acres 17th GMD

Pemco to Waldron, Chuck K.; Book: 1518, Page: 719, No tax; Description:  Lot 1 Arrow Lake Sec Old Limerick Plantation Sd 1476th GMD

PK Water Systems Inc. to Sunbury Development Corp.; Book: 1518, Page: 192, No tax; Description: Being a portion of Lot 17 Margaret Place designated as well Lot Margaret Place 700 square feet 1756th GMD

PS Wells Construction Co. and Wells A.G. Jr. to PK Water;
Book: 1518, Page:  188, Tax: $3.70; Description: Above property.

Rogers, Walt to Connor, Kevin Joe; Book: 1518, Page: 225, Tax: $215; Description: Lot 9 Ryan Estates Sd 1756th GMD

Semken, Michael K. to Semken, Michael J.; Book: 1517, Page: 633, Tax:  $130; Description: Lot 16 Sec G Lake George Inland Lots Old Limerick Plantation Sd 1476th GMD

Shields, Aaron P. and Petra K. to Chavis, Doris A.; Book: 1518, Page: 526, Tax: $70.80; Description: Unit 46 Bld 8 Phase 8 Ravenwood Townhouse 1458th GMD

Southern Coastal Homes Inc. to Adams, Marsha D. and John F.; Book: 1518, Page: 203, Tax: $235; Description: Lot 4 Ryan Estates Sd 1756th GMD

Standifer, Bianca to Wright, Wilbur C. Jr. and Tisha D. Hailey; Book: 1518, Page 420, Tax: $128.00; Description: Lot 82 Hunters Ridge Sd Phase I 1892nd GMD

Sullivan, James T. Jr. to Investors Lending Group LLC; Book: 1517, Page:  647, No tax; Description: Lots 17 and 18 and halves of 16 and 19, and strip along canal Old Colony Sd Isle of Wight 1st Installment 1359th GMD

Swartout, Donald L. to Hanlin, Russell Sr.; Book: 1518, Page: 143, Tax:  $5; Description: 0.684 of acre 1458th GMD

Tabb, Gary J. to Jones, Betty J.; Book: 1518, Page: 511, Tax: $19; Description: Lot 50 Heron Sec Woodland Lakes Resort 1476th GMD

Terry Dugger, Loretta to Elkins, Leonard R. Jr.; Book: 1518, Page: 614, Tax: $157.90; Description: Lot 13 Longpoint Sd 17th GMD

Tollefson, Terry O. to Stanford, Richard M.; Book: 1517, Pag 430, Tax:  $109.50; Description: Lot 131 Waterfield Sd Phase 2B 1458th GMD

Wachovia Mortgage Corp. to Miller, Thomas A.; Book: 1517, Page: 602, Tax:  $107.90; Description: Lot 107 Hawthorne Sd Phase III 1458th GMD

Wedincamp, Marjorie to Hall, Joe and Charlotte; Book: 1518, Page:  291, No tax; Description: Lots 5-12 Big Oak Sd 1359th GMD

Williams, Andrew to Jones, William C. III; Book: 1518, Page: 433, Tax:  $135; Description: Lot 87 Waters Estates Phase 2 1458th GMD

Witherspoon, Donna and James to Retzlaff, Todd J.;
Book: 1518, Page: 670, Tax:  $89.90; Description: Lot 10 Towers Sd 1458th GMD

WLN Development Co. to Williams, Andrew and Williams, Margit Manuela;
  Book: 1518, Page: 91, Tax: $45; Description: Lot 26 The Grove at Cinder Hill Phase VII 0.390 acre 1756th GMD

Woodland Lakes POA to Mena, Faustino;
Book: 1518, Page: 161, No tax; Description: Campsite 217 Green Oaks Sec Woodland Lakes Resorts 1476th GMD

Woodland Lakes POA to Bridges, Joseph; Book: 1518, Page: 162, No tax; Description: Campsite 165 Deertrail Sec Woodland Lakes Resorts 1476th GMD

WR Enterprises LLC to Connor, Kevin Joe; Book: 1518, Page: 225, Tax:  $215; Description: Lot 9 Ryan Estates Sd 1756th GMD

Yi, Kathy W. and Steven Y. to Jones, David L.;
Book: 1519, Page: 42, Tax: $183; Description: Lot 130 Phase 4 Thornbriar Sd 17th GMD
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