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Google working on self-driving car
One aim is to reduce human error behind wheel

Having trouble adjusting to the new ban on driving and dialing? Google's self-driving car may offer the solution — in 2020.
With its sleek design and amazing independence, the self-driving Lexus does just that: drives itself. No attention from the rider is necessary for a safe commute.
This amazing technology could potentially take texting and driving to a whole new level. In fact, reading a book, browsing Twitter and checking emails will all become possibilities for drivers with Google's car.
This is just one of the benefits Google's newest innovation provides. According to Time, the car "has logged over 700,000 miles without causing an accident," which ironically proves as a better driving record than some people have.
A major aspect that makes this car so different is its reliance on a specific map system, according to CNET. The system breaks down every object in the car's path. Knowing where road signs and hazards are is essential to the car's successful travel. The car can safely dodge obstacles as small as potholes and cyclists. Even more impressive than this, the various sensors on the car keep it out of another car's blind spot. Google's car takes driving safely to a new level.
This isn't enough to convince some critics of the car's safety features, though. Time reported the car also responds to a physical driver at any moment throughout the ride. In an emergency, the driver may take over. However, this shouldn't be necessary due to the car's unbelievable capabilities.
Google's technology is constantly upgrading and changing. The incredible part about all this advancing technology is that it isn't far from acting as the new norm. The car should hit the roads between 2017 and 2020.

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