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Kroger offers $4 prescriptions
ap Kroger pharmacy 31
Kroger pharmacist prepares for the start of the new drug plan. - photo by Alena Parker / Coastal Courier
Consumers now have more money-saving options, banking as much as an extra $40, after Kroger debuted its new, $4 generic prescription drug program Feb. 6, widening the door to more than 300 medications.
The store's pharmacy will provide buyers a 30-day supply of generic drugs, equivalent to popular brand names but normally at lower prices. These commonly used medications will also include two birth control variants and a fertility drug for $9 each.
In step with Wal-Mart's introduction of a similar drug plan in 2006 and, according to Kroger spokesperson Jeff Barwick, "in an effort to remain more competitive and benefit our customers," Kroger decided to kick off the initiative.
"Everybody's really excited to be able to present this to the public," Barwick said.
The pharmacy will act only as a dispensing point, not a source for obtaining the written prescription, which will need to come from a doctor.
Barwick verified that Kroger's selection of prescription variations is "frequently prescribed," meaning minimal concerns for those considering the generic brand switch.
"For most cases, it's an easy change," Barwick said. "But it wouldn't hurt to have a doctor opinion on it. Certainly we want them to feel good about switching to a generic."
He also mentioned how developments such as Kroger's drug program could have help some overcome obstacles in affording prescription medication.
"Definitely you'll see an improvement in the economic situation of those families that don't have any insurance currently," he said.
Barwick made a trip to Hinesville's Kroger last Thursday and visited with employees and shoppers.
"The customers that I've had interaction with are very, very positive about it and so is our pharmacy team," Barwick said. "This is by far the biggest program that we've had in years, that we'll probably have this year."
Kroger will continue to carry brand name drugs, at customers' requests.
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