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LCDA irons out water service details
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Liberty County Development Authority members had a called meeting Thursday afternoon to review and approve details regarding the delivery of water service to the old Dorchester Consolidated School property.
Authority members approved a motion authorizing the execution of a development agreement to extend water and reuse service, making materials available to Dorchester officials and making the nonprofit’s leadership responsible for labor and installation. The difference between the impact fee and the labor cost will be paid or the labor cost will When board members initially approved providing service, it was determined that they would have to charge the school’s presiding organization an impact fee for service. However, supplying materials and letting Dorchester leaders provide the labor could lessen the financial burden, according to attorney Kelly Davis, particularly if private parties stepped up to donate labor.
 The reuse line was not part of the original agreement, but it has historically been authority policy to have water and reuse lines installed simultaneously. Under this agreement, Dorchester would be responsible for installation subject to authority specifications. Also included in the details of the delivery method is a provision stipulating that Dorchester tie into a county-provided sewage line should it be installed in the future.
Also at the meeting, members approved a variance for a covenant for Tradeport East tenant IDI. IDI wants to add an ancillary retail/wholesale operation that, according to LCDA CEO Ron Tolley, could have the potential for generating hundreds of jobs.  
 Davis said the variance is necessary because he doesn’t think the language of the covenant specifically allows for the addition of retail space, though IDI has similar covenant provisions in other cities where it operates.
Davis said adding the variance could clarify the option, and the authority reserves the right to approve or deny such variances for other park tenants, particularly given that the variance as drawn up for IDI will be site- and project-specific. The proposed retail space reportedly will take up just 3 percent of the company’s total space and its operations must be subordinate to IDI’s distribution operations.
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