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Tourism makes money even here
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The travel industry has designated the first full week in May as National Travel & Tourism Week to spread the word on the benefits of travel and tourism.

The Liberty County Convention & Visitors Bureau, in conjunction with Flemington and Hinesville, salute the individuals in Liberty County who work in our industry — from airline and hotel employees to restaurant, attraction and taxi workers — who raise the quality of life in our area for visitors and residents alike.

The travel and tourism industry represents one of America’s largest employers, supporting 14.1 million jobs (including 7.4 million directly in the travel industry and 6.7 million in other industries), and accounting for more than $1.8 trillion for the US economy last year alone.

In the latest information, Liberty County tourism has created more than 550 jobs and $86 million in direct tourist spending. Direct spending by domestic and international travelers averaged $237,424 a day, according to Georgia Department of Economic Development.

In celebration of the week, staff from hotels, restaurants, attractions and visitor centers throughout the county will wear red shirts that show their love for Liberty and the desire to share it with others.

In addition, a proclamation was signed by the city of Hinesville Thursday and will be signed by Flemington officials on May 8. The community is encouraged to attend.

Visitors and residents are invited to support Liberty County’s travel & tourism industry during the week by stopping by the Liberty County Convention & Visitors Bureau at 425 West Oglethorpe Highway in Hinesville and acquainting themselves with the area’s many historic sites, attractions, museums, events & accommodations.

If you would like to learn more about Travel and Tourism Week or the programs and resources the U.S. Travel Association offers, you can do so by mail: U.S. Travel Association, 1100 New York Avenue, NW Suite 450 Washington, DC 20005; or call 202-408-8422.

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