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Campaign rallies offer insight on the candidates running for Sheriff
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Democratic candidate for sheriff, Warren Waye, addresses his audience at a campaign rally at Ernest and Corine Williams Park In Midway on June 21. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon


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There was a thunder rolling through the neighborhoods in Midway and Isle of Wight June 21.
Mixed in with Mother Nature's rain and fury was the sound of cries of support as incumbent Sheriff Don Martin, and opponent Warren Waye, both had rallies within a few miles of each other.
That same afternoon candidate Jerald Burgess joined republican candidate Richard White and held a community event in the Lake George area with each candidate offering their agendas if elected.
Martin, Burgess, Waye and Jimmie T. Jones are running in the Democratic Party while Mark Floyd and Richard White will be on the Republican ticket at the July 15 primary election.
Supporters for Martin's re-election dined on Low-country boil and pecan pie as Deputy Chief Keith Moran addressed the audience.
"The first thing I want to do is to thank everyone here for all their hard work and support and the second thing I would like to do is shake the hand of the next sheriff of Liberty County," Moran said as he extended a hand to Martin inside a packed Isle of Wight Clubhouse. "We have the momentum but the kicker is we all have to get out there and vote."
Just a few miles away at Ernest and Corine Williams Park, Waye and his supporters were calling for change.
"The way we start the change is to start at the top," Waye said. "It's time for Warren's Waye."
He gave several ways he would change the department if he is elected; neighborhood watch programs, community policing, better and newer technology in all the vehicles and better educational and preventive programs for county jail inmates.
Afterward, Waye's supporters were treated to barbecue ribs and burgers.
Back at Isle of Wight, Moran addressed the crowd regarding the other candidate's platform.
"Everything they say they are going to do, we are already doing it," he said. "We already have neighborhood watch, community policing and everything else they say they are going to do."
Moran added they have something the rest of the candidates don't.
"We have 16 plus years of experience between the sheriff and his current staff," he said.
"I think I have a good chance," Sheriff Martin said.
"I've been with the sheriff's department since before the interstate even cut through our community," Jones said. He held his first rally, which included a fish fry and low-country boil, yesterday at Briar Bay Park in Riceboro and met with supporters.
"When the interstate opened we got our radar up," he said. "I have a lot of experience and a lot of stories to tell." Jones added he spent roughly 20 years with the sheriff's department. He said he plans to hold a few more rallies including one on the very night of the primary election.
Burgess held a small rally yesterday at a motorcycle repair shop that was schedule to host their grand opening on West Oglethorpe Highway next to the Fellowship of Love Church. He said he also plans to campaign while attending the 2008 Summer Slam event on July 6.
"My plan is to canvass the area," he said. "I just ask people that if God put me in their heart to vote for me when they cast their ballot."
Mark Floyd said his main focus has been meeting the people of the community by going door to door around Hinesville, Midway and the surrounding communities.
"My main reason for running is to protect, serve and assist every citizen and guest of Liberty County,' he said. "Also to see that the citizens of Liberty County receive what their tax dollars are paying for."
Everyone will have a chance to meet the candidates, as the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce is scheduled to host a forum Tuesday July 1, at 7 p.m. at Brewton Parker College off Highway 84.  

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